Corporate Research Services

If you are an investor seeking to learn more about a company for investment purposes or if you need information about a specific business in Japan, Shinonome can help you with your research. As a standard menu we offer the following two types of research packages depending on your requirements.

Type A: Basic Corporate Information
(Available for both Private and Listed corporations)

This level of service includes collecting information such as the following for the company in question:

  • official corporate name,
  • registered address,
  • incorporation dates,
  • names of registered directors,
  • principle business activities
  • issued share capital

This type of basic corporate information can be gathered by investigating the official company registers of a corporation. We will take care of the hassle of searching through Japanese corporate registers for you.

Type B: Corporate Summary Report
(Available for Listed corporations only)

Depending on the situation, the information found on the company registers may not be enough for your needs. Our research team can provide you with a more detailed level of information on Japanese publicly traded companies in English, which in addition to the above includes a summary of the financial highlights and list of major shareholders. Financial statements can also be provided as necessary. We can arrange to provide you with the information most appropriate for your requirements.

Costs for these services will vary depending on the specific nature of your research request. Please contact us to discuss in more detail.

Please click on the links below for some sample reports: